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About our company

Röös Mekaniska is a company with extensive knowledge in milling and grinding. We are manufacturing knives for the wood industry from scratch. The fact that we are responsible for the entire production chain means that we have full control and can maintain the highest possible quality of our products. In addition to the knives, also a large number of other types of parts are manufactured for other industries. Our multi-operation machines in different sizes together with drawing and programming skills mean that we have great potential.


Röös Mekaniska’s vision is to build a stable family business that the next generation can continue to manage and develop.

Through our Quality and Flexibility, we will satisfy our customers in the best possible way to create a strong reputation, trust and brand.

We will strive to have a work environment where our employees can thrive, feel safe and self-developing.

Through our business system, we will ensure that we comply with the laws and requirements imposed on us.


With us, quality is a key word. 

This means that we must always give the customer what they expect, or better, within the time we promised. Our recipe for success is based on flexibility, good relationships, and a unique machine park.

By being responsive to our market and having an active quality work, we achieve continuous improvements. This leads to refinement of our processes, working methods and increased cost efficiency.

The certification according to ISO 9001 means that we have quality-assured routines for handling both larger series and more complex one-piece parts. With our good flexibility, we can satisfy you with the right quality in fast delivery time. By being sensitive to our market, we constantly strive to streamline our business and improve our quality, and not least to have a strong focus on making our customers happy.


Röös Verktygsslip founded - Tool sharpening


Move to new facilities in Kardanvägen


First employee


Move to Grafitens Industrial area


First Göckel segmentslip


First CNC multi-operation machine


Reaches five employees


Reform to Röös Mekaniska AB

Expanding to bigger facilities

New machine: Quaser flerop. MV 234


Certification in ISO 9001 och EN1090

New machine: Göckel segmentslip


New machine: CNC Akira Seiki SR3


New machine: CNC Akira Seiki HV6A

Acquires Mesnaknives AB


Fusion with Mesnaknives

Investing of property in Södra Hamnvägen

Reaches 10 employees


New machine: Göckel segmentslip


New machine: Göckel segmentslip


New website

New machine: CNC Akira Seiki HV8A och HV4A

Our history

The family company Röös Mekaniska was started in 1987 as a tool grinding company in a garage in Trollhättan. The company then moved to a larger building on Kardanvägen. A collaboration was started with Stribi, where plan sharpening of knives for the wood industry began to become an important part. At the turn of the century, Röös Mekaniska grew out of these premises and moved to the Grafitensindustrial area. A few years later, the focus and direction changed when the company bought the first CNC multi-operation machine.

We have after that continued to invest in both milling and grinding. In 2013, the company was transformed into a limited company from having been an individual company since the start. The milling department is now growing significantly and we are expanding this department to a new and brighter room, and also expanded our office and personnel section. We began the quality work that in 2014 led to certification of ISO 9001. In 2016, the opportunity arose to acquire the knife manufacturing company Mesnaknives, which now gave us greater potential to develop when we gained control of the entire manufacturing chain.

Sales of consumer knives increased significantly over the next two years, so in 2018 the company invests in its own larger property. Here we had the opportunity to invest in larger machines, optimize our manufacturing processes and ensure that staff have every opportunity to thrive and do a good job. We still have potential to development and are constantly investing to the future!