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In this department, we process details with finer surface requirements, low tolerance, or requirements for flatness. Angles or other complex steps are not an obstacle. A large part of our production is new parts of different types of knives for the wood industry, in both large and small series. We have a unique grinding machine where we can grind long details up to 3.5 meters.


With our 3-axis multi-operation machine we can process details up to 2000x850x815 mm with a weight up to 2 tons. We can handle processing in most materials and we also have strong machines for heavier processing.Our versatile machine park give us the possibility to make everything from complex one-piece parts to large series.


We perform maintenance on knives. Sharpening of everything from small planer knives to longer knives up to 3.5 m. The knives we perform the most maintenance on are knives for various wood chippers. We also perform precision work with requirements for low tolerances and a fine surface.


For other clients, we can easily produce series of different sizes, regardless of whether it is the whole detail or some processing.


We perform various sharpening work. Such as sharpening of chopping knives, ice knives for the ice rinks in the immediate area, sharpening of various bending tools. We no longer perform any tool sharpening.


The largest production of parts is chipper knives, but we also do more things such as parts for heat exchangers and turbines. We help you develop existing parts or draw up completely new details which we then program into our multi-operation machines.